(Last Updated On: 28th September 2022)

Puberty hits everyone like a storm, with sudden body changes and unusual mood shifts happening before anyone (especially parents) can truly prepare!


Here at Calveo, we have noticed a distinct increase in enquiries from younger teens and parents wanting to know more about laser hair removal. For many young people, unwanted body hair can be debilitating in terms of self-confidence, and be a daily laborious chore to keep under control.


Among the many signs of emerging adolescence, unwanted hair growth can lead to extreme insecurity and embarrassment.


The first thought that may come to mind is to get that shaving cream, lather a reasonable amount, and have these areas shaved neat and clean. For others, they simply let nature take its course and let body hair grow out. But for those who struggle with persistent hair growth, going au natural or opting for DIY solutions may be untenable. This is where hair removal treatments come in!


Laser hair removal is an excellent solution for all types of hair growth. And to answer the question, does laser hair removal work for everyone? Yes, it does, regardless of age.




Unwanted facial hair’, so there we have it, facial hair is so much more common than most people think.


As for young adults caught in between work and other responsibilities, self-care may be dismissed most of the time. With so little time to shave and pluck, a trip to a laser clinic would save you from the arduous process of doing it all by yourself. More ideally, this is also the best time to eradicate it, as hair growth will only get more persistent over the years.


Ageing slows down bodily processes, which leads to difficulties remaining strong and healthy. Increased hair growth has been evident as people reach later stages in life, which could significantly affect people’s self-image. This could also be a point of frustration, as traditional hair removal methods may be too troublesome or even ineffective. With skin irritation common to sensitive skin, it would be best to have your body hair removed professionally.




Laser treatment is the best and most effective method for those who want a smooth skin surface without painful hair removal. It guarantees long-lasting hair reduction as they penetrate the hair and the follicles in which the hair is rooted. With lasers’ effective intervention, it will be months or even years before hair will grow back if it does.


Compared to the skin- and hair-specific lasers used decades ago, next-generation lasers are more available for people with all skin types and colours. All customers, regardless of age, could get similar results without compromise. More interestingly, new laser units, including the LightSheer laser, were proven to effectively remove hair from underarms, chest, face, and intimate parts.




Regardless of the reason for your unwanted hair growth, getting it removed should be a priority. With lasers’ efficient and painless work, you won’t have to go through the frustration and constant process of shaving or plucking, only to see them back within a few days. More so, proper removal techniques in clinics ensure the skin is given appropriate and harmless treatment.


Put those razors down and book with Calveo, the best laser hair removal service in Rutland, UK, that guarantees a more pleasant skin appearance. Our practitioners will take care of you from your first consultation, through your treatment, and beyond!


We treat clients from 15 years of age upwards at Calveo (when accompanied by a parent/guardian together with GP consent).


Ultimately, it’s important to be happy with the skin you are in, whether with or without hair. The good news is there is a permanent and accessible solution available for those who wish to remove pesky hairs and leave behind the constant drag of shaving, waxing, and plucking for those nights out!