(Last Updated On: 27th March 2023)

Body hair in unwanted places can be a daily burden for people who would rather not have it. However, as technology has evolved, people have found better ways to eliminate unwanted hair through safer and quicker methods.

Laser hair removal is a popular method of hair removal for both men and women. Most importantly, it is the most effective method of long-term hair removal available. It is a precise procedure, has minimal side effects, and is quick. Those who have completed laser hair removal courses report their effectiveness and accuracy and regularly say, “I wish I had done laser years ago!” It is also affordable, and sessions are quick to do.

If laser hair removal is new, you might have questions about the method and how it’s done. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about laser hair removal procedures.


Laser hair removal is not an overnight solution for removing body hair. Hair growth varies among people and may affect the number of treatments needed to eliminate excess body hair.

The lasers can only target follicles once they reach their active growth stage to eliminate excess body hair. Therefore, achieving noticeable results may come after a few sessions.

Patients can expect, at most, an 80 per cent removal of hair in the first session. The following sessions can remove as much as 20 to 50 per cent more. But it’s also helpful to remember that subsequent sessions can speed up hair removal rates. Most people need at least six to eight sessions to get the desired results. Sometimes, like those clients with PCOS hair growth (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), maintenance sessions may be required to keep on top of any residual hair growth triggered by hormones.


Don’t worry if the results are not visible after a single session. Remember that laser hair removal can take up to six to eight sessions before acquiring the desired results. At Calveo, our clients regularly tell us they have seen a reduction after only one session and can’t believe the results. It is, however, normal to see a flush of regrowth around treatment two/three as the hair growth cycle pushes through new hairs.

Right after the first session, the laser will have disabled any actively growing hair follicles in the area treated. After a day or two, the hair will shed, and within two weeks, you’ll notice a dramatic change in hair density in the area. After completing the required sessions, you’ll get smoother and clearer skin with no sign of the hair follicle under the skin and the annoyance of prickly regrowth.


Lasers are among the newer ways to eliminate excess hair. It’s an affordable and quick way to control hair growth in areas where people don’t want it. Compared to other options for hair removal, lasers are cost-effective and efficient in doing their job. Although achieving hair-free skin may take 6-8 sessions, it’s worth investing in a technologically advanced procedure that achieves long-term results. The endpoint is smooth skin, permanently…


Aside from removing unruly and unwanted hair, laser hair removal prevents gnarly hair regrowth, often leading to ingrown hair or shaving bumps. People can avoid terrible side effects caused by other hair removal methods. It’s a procedure that eliminates downtime, allowing people to return to their everyday lives right after the service.


At Calveo, we aim to achieve 90-95% permanent hair reduction. Most times, we exceed our client’s expectations! Hormonal changes can affect regrowth. However, the hair grows back much finer and lighter. In some instances, an odd top-up session may be required.


Laser Hair Removal is entirely safe. The laser looks for pigmented hair to determine what to target. This means darker and coarser hairs are excellent candidates for the removal process. However, thin and light blonde hair doesn’t respond as well.

It also means that people with darker complexions, bronzed skin, or even fake tanning may face higher risks if their skin type is not considered. Working with an experienced clinic and trained professionals will also make a big difference in safety, suitability, and confidence.

At Calveo, a full consultation and test patch will be carried out before all treatments by our fully qualified and experienced practitioners. Quality Diode medical-grade lasers are used in our clinic with proven results. Clients often return to add more body areas once they see the results!



Overall, laser hair removal offers an innovative solution to unwanted hair. It’s a popular and effective method of maintaining clear, soft, and silky skin. Although people have used other methods, laser hair removal is efficient and effective in removing hair more quickly and affordable in the long run.

At Calveo, we believe less is more. We are the industry’s best specialists in hair removal procedures for clients who require extra hair department help. Launched in 2018, we have provided the people of Rutland and surrounding areas with hair removal services on par with industry standards. Visit our site, and let’s work towards a softer and smoother tomorrow.