As the new year starts, so do our goals for what we’d like to accomplish in 2020.


And what do we want most?


We want to look our best. Feel our best.


We don’t want to worry about shaving or waxing our legs, underarms, or bikini area EVER again.


And how do we do that?


With laser hair removal, of course!


With so many questions like is laser hair removal safe? And is it right for me?


Let’s look at these critical factors that could determine your decision in meeting your beauty goals: to remove unwanted hair and be the smoothest, free-est you.




Ah, yes. A tale as old as time.


Depending on the body areas hair grows at different rates! With laser hair removal, it can take anywhere from 6-8 sessions with 4-8 weeks between each session.


Quite the time investment.


But it doesn’t work unless you wait.


Be honest with yourself and work it out… seriously, how long do you spend per week, per month shaving, plucking, or waxing? A decade, am I right?


Doing it yourself is a pain and getting waxed or plucking done by someone else involves even more time. And don’t start me about those ingrowing hairs.


So, while laser will require patience and commitment, once it’s done, it’s done, and think of all that time you will gain back and save from those endless bath and shower shaves or trips to the local beautician. It’s a lot of hours and time better spent doing things you love! Like dining out in Lake Isle or The Lord Nelson in Oakham (which I love btw) or spending more time down the yard. The girl gota look good no matter where she is 😉




Originally, only those with fair skin and people with dark hair, usually coarse, were ideal candidates for laser hair removal because the laser can easily identify the hair in contrast to the skin tones and skin types– making it easier to target the hair and not the skin when zapping away at the area.


Laser hair removal works by targeting the melanin in the hair follicle destroying the cells around the root of the hair bulb to prevent regrowth — much longer than with shaving and waxing.


Luckily, advancements in laser hair technology, such as the Lightsheer® from Lumenis which is what we use here at CALVEO, picks up on dark skin, blonde and strawberry pigments of hair, as well as fine, medium, and coarse hair types– making laser hair removal accessible to everyone!

Laser hair removal skin types




Removing unwanted hair with laser technology is not cheap.  


If you DO want it to be cheap, however, you probably shouldn’t even get it done in the first place. But before you brush it off as expensive; work it out, you will see laser hair removal is an investment both gaining time back and saving you money on long-term shaving and waxing products or treatments!


Let’s work it out…


What DOES the cost look like for the next 10-20 years.

… Not only on the buying and replacing shavers, or waxing but also on fuel and parking costs that you might incur visiting some places… the price of laser hair removal treatment now becomes much more appealing, am I right?


Depending on the area, a typical session for 2 full legs is about £200, with courses of 8 sessions here at Calveo costing £1,120 total.


Also, keep in mind…


You’re paying for the quality of service, the professionalism of the clinic and the quality of laser treatment used in the clinic.


The best, safest laser hair removal results will come with well experienced, with trained technicians and professionals.




  • Blisters
  • Burns
  • Scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hypopigmentation

A quality clinic like Calveo, will help mitigate any risks. Look for a clinic with well trained and qualified staff, find out what experience they have and do they offer and perform patch tests if its required.




Permanent hair removal via laser, unfortunately, does not work for everyone. This can be due to a change in hormones as we age, as well as taking certain over the counter medicine we may be prescribed. Both factors can cause completely new patches of hair to form in areas we never saw hair before.


Hair may also reappear in areas we thought were finished via laser years down the road, but they would appear much finer, therefore harder to see and easier to rid of by shaving, plucking, etc.




Slow and steady will always win the race in the quest to find utmost dermatological grandeur and expertise. Your skin is too precious to withstand anything less!


Always check the devices, medical clinics use for treatment, that it’s up to all standards with the Ministry of Health, European CE Standards, and the American FDA Standards.


Don’t be afraid to ask where the medical technicians were certified.


Check the clinic’s years of experience and customer feedback, both on the website, plus independent sites like Google’s review, and Facebook.


Book a consultation first to see if the particular clinic is a right fit. Meet and greet the staff. Do you feel comfortable? Do they answer all your questions? Does the service seem warm, welcoming, professional, and efficient? Was it easy to find, get to and park your car close by? What were the clinic opening hours? This all matters. It’s your body hair, your time, and your money, you will be given to these people.




Knowing the above info should have you set on determining what to look for when choosing the right AND safe laser hair removal clinic that will leave you feeling cared for, hair-free, and fabulous!


Since it takes a bit of time to research the clinic, going in for your consultation, then to the number of sessions, not to mention the space in time between those sessions, I would recommend starting to plan your laser hair removal journey soon.


Especially if your new year’s beauty goal is to be hair free and smooth as can BE this summer!


As a head start, check us out here at CALVEO, and if you so please, book a free consultation with us today!


Happy New Year and no matter your decision, you are LOVELY!

Cherise Price

Director and Lead Practitioner at Calveo
I live in Rutland with my Husband, two young girls and two huskies Bear and Willow. I'm fully qualified as a Beauty Specialist, Make-up artist, in Swedish body massage and as a Laser Specialist, with a core of knowledge and Skin Rejuvenation. I feel fortunate to live in the beautiful County of Rutland and that we have been able to bring our services to the County. I'm passionate about offering people an honest, friendly, caring service that's professional and delivers real results.
Cherise Price