(Last Updated On: 22nd October 2021)

Although society has slowly shifted opinion and perspective on hair, many women worldwide continue to feel improved body confidence by removing hair.


This is particularly true for unwanted hair that can occur on the face and other body areas, including the legs, underarms, and bikini area.


Keeping hair removed is an ongoing chore with home procedures such as shaving, hair removal cream, plucking and tweezing.


In recent years, several ‘home laser’ products have appeared on shelves like the no! no! and Phillips Lumea which comes with a higher price tag.

home shaving legs


Ultimately, professional laser clinics offer medical grade laser treatment, requiring many visits to achieve lasting results.


Clinics use many lasers, including the Alexandrite, Nd: YAG, Diode and Ruby lasers. Excellent quality medical grade lasers often cost tens of thousands due to the technology used. They can treat different skin and hair types.


There are pros and cons for most options.


Yet one of the most effective ways to permanently remove hair remains the use of a clinical diode laser.


A diode laser damages the hair follicles, preventing new hairs from regenerating and growing. Laser technicians will carefully assess the individual’s skin and hair type and select the correct settings to achieve effective results.


Here at Calveo laser hair removal clinic, we use the LightSheer® machine, which incorporates a high-speed vacuum with Diode laser technology. Removal. The high-speed vacuum handpiece uses a unique pain reduction mechanism, providing fast, comfortable treatment with no downtime.

LightSheer Laser Hair removal machine


Although the method seems straightforward enough, it’s essential to familiarise yourself with everything involved to ensure you have successful treatment and follow all necessary pre- and post-procedure care.


Doing so allows you to make the most of your sessions and optimise the likelihood of achieving excellent results.


Remember, permanently removing hair with any laser hair removal treatment will require multiple sessions. Here in the clinic, we recommend 6-8 sessions depending on the treatment area.


That said, here’s a quick rundown of all the best laser hair removal appointment tips:



Waxing legs

This one is the golden rule, folks! The laser works by picking up the colour (melanin) in the hair follicle.


Light from the laser is then converted to heat, which denatures the hair’s root and destroys the cells’ follicle base.


Only actively growing hairs are destroyed in any laser session, hence the need to visit 6-8 times to ensure all hairs are destroyed as they cycle through the hair growth process.


Eventually, all hair will be destroyed, and, hey presto, you will have smooth, hair-free skin.


By waxing or tweezing, you actively remove the hair follicle, and the laser cannot pick up on the colour within the hair, rendering the treatment ineffective.


Although it may be tempting to pull out the odd hair, remember this is only a short-term fix, once the hair is exposed to the laser, it doesn’t stand a chance of popping out again!


For best results, avoid tweezing or waxing your hair before the appointment, preferably 5 to 6 weeks before each appointment.


The best tip we can offer is to hide your tweezers to avoid the urge to pluck those stray hairs, and cancel any waxing sessions you may have scheduled on your calendar.


Instead of your tweezers and wax strips, embrace shaving, as you’ll never need to shave again once your course of laser treatment is complete!


You’ll want the bulk of the hair removed before the laser, and by shaving off the hair from the surface, you allow the laser to penetrate the hair follicles under your skin entirely. Ensuring the hair is shaved short will also make the treatment much more comfortable.


It’s best to shave 24 hours before your appointment and use a new razor!



Avoid the sun

It can be tempting to show off your hair-free legs and underarms, but it’s best to avoid sun exposure before and for at least 72 hours after your first treatment.


At Calveo, we recommend waiting four weeks to start laser if you have picked up a good base tan to ensure client safety and achieve the best results.


The laser cannot differentiate between melanin in the hair follicles and melanin (tan) on the skin. Hence, the risk of picking up a minor burn is higher if clients come to treatment with strong tans. The same rule applies to tanning products and creams, so be sure to avoid using products with tan enhancers a week before your laser appointments. A good exfoliator is recommended to shift any stubborn areas.


Although laser hair removal is generally safe, it still relies on considerable heat and energy deposited onto your skin’s surface.


In other words, your skin is already subjected to more heat than it would typically be, but precisely enough to remove your hair follicles. Allowing it to be further exposed to the sun could cause burning and scarring in the treated area if not treated correctly.



Makeup bag

Bathing and showering before your appointment is ideal, but be sure to arrive at your appointment without makeup, serums, lotions, or even perfume.


You’ll want your skin to be as natural as possible, without any substances covering your skin.


This can affect the laser’s ability to locate and target your hair follicles, resulting in a failed process.


It helps to have your skin shaved and cleaned, but remember never to apply products, ensuring you gain the best results!


One little known fact is to check if any products you are using at home contain lanolin, which stimulates hair growth.


It’s also vital to let your practitioner know if you have made any changes in your medical history. Medications including antibiotics and roaccutane (acne medication), for example, have photosensitive properties that can affect laser treatment, so always check if in doubt.



laser hair removal treatment around the bikini line

Due to their quick and painless methods, Diode laser hair removal treatments continue to take the world by storm. Once treatment is complete, you’ll want to stroll along the beach completely confident, sporting your best outfits.


At Calveo, many of our clients start with one area, as they understandably want to see the treatment working. Once they get results, they tend to add more areas.


Although waxing, shaving, and tweezing can generally do the trick (temporarily), nothing compares to laser hair removal for permanent hair reduction. Ultimately, you won’t require any more laser treatments, besides maybe the odd top-up to remain—hair-free forever!


It’s safe to deduce that laser removal is the best option to remove unwanted hair from everything gathered. If you wish to schedule the best laser hair removal services in Rutland, Calveo has you covered. We have customers who travel 2 hours or more because they trust us with their skin, and we have a beautiful, discreet clinic in the countryside with free onsite parking.




Of course, we all love a bargain and want to know that we are getting value for money, but when it comes to laser hair offers, that sounds too good to be true generally is!


Bearing in mind that high-grade medical laser hair removal machines can cost tens of thousands of pounds, a deal offering laser hair removal too cheaply may be using outdated technology or inferior machines. Ultimately, always do your research into nearby clinics and check Google reviews.




That being said, it makes sense to buy a block course of treatment if your card allows. Paying per session could cost you more than most clinics offer a discounted bundle of 6-8 sessions. It’s unlikely that full results will be achieved in fewer sessions, so opting for a bundle makes sense in the long run.


Clients that travel from afar to Calveo do so and make a day out to visit Rutland!


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Rutland water

A panorama view across Rutland Water reservoir towards the village of Edith Weston in the summer.


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