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Most of us who love wearing bikinis during the summer can find it challenging to ensure their bikini line is neat and tidy for the beach and our photos!


While bikini hair isn’t the most important thing globally, the gadget retailer Current Body noted a 56% increase in at home body hair removal products during Lockdown.


Don’t get us wrong; there is absolutely nothing wrong with body hair. For many people, the idea of removing irritating hair in intimate areas and streamlining their beauty regime is the ultimate beauty goal.


It is mine.


The hair down there needs to be managed appropriately to avoid shaving rash, irritation, and ingrowing hair.


Most importantly, it gives you full-body confidence to wear that high cut bikini style!


If you’re looking for “bikini laser hair removal near me,” then you’re in luck. Here at Calveo, we offer laser hair removal services for all body areas, including the bikini line. Laser hair removal costs in the UK vary depending on the treatment area, skin tone, and hair type, but we can assure you that our prices are competitive.


Did you know that lasers eradicate hair once and for all, offering a far more permanent solution than other hair removal methods available?


And since you can expect significant pain with waxing, us professionals can assure you that laser hair removal is far more manageable on the sensation side of things… Plus, it isn’t highly maintained.


Oh, joy!


As a result, you can expect your bikini area to be free from hair to prepare you for your upcoming beach trip or time well spent in the garden, depending on lockdown rules.


Like waxing, laser hair removal also offers various bikini line styles to suit all individuals’ personal preferences and needs.


Here at Calveo, around 50% of our clients opt for a neat bikini line tidy for swimwear and general maintenance.


The other 50% of our clients opt to have all their hair removed.


Ultimately, the choice is yours.


According to Women’s Health Magazine, a survey of 1000 university students revealed 95% removed their bikini hair at least once. In the last four weeks, 5 people removed their bikini hair.


The consensus, it seems, is that women want to feel clean, comfortable, and sexy.


Keep reading below to learn more about getting a bikini laser hair removal.



bikini wax shapes 34 




A regular bikini is the most straightforward laser removal style, aiming to remove hair along the standard cut bikini bottoms.


For many women, the bikini line can extend down the upper thigh, buttocks, and navel area.


Typically, a tidy bikini line will include these areas to ensure body confidence in undies and swimwear.





Australian laser hair removal is a procedure often known as a landing strip.


It doesn’t remove your entire hair down there, but it takes care of your genital area and between your buttocks.




The Brazilian is the most in-depth form of laser hair removal.


It involves eliminating all hair, such as your pubic, and between your buttocks.


It is a famous procedure that women worldwide request, especially if you want to get rid of unwanted hair thoroughly, to wear any bikini or undergarment without worries.


Options can include the standard BRAZILAN – you can also choose to combine this with a Landing Strip or a Bermuda Triangle if you’d like to retain some hair. Or the FULL BRAZILAN – also known as Hollywood, which takes the Brazilian to the next level. It leaves you completely hairless down there, making it one of the most popular styles available. Many women report feeling freer and cleaner when they’re entirely bare, as they don’t have to worry about any unsightly hair popping out of their bikini bottoms. Although this style can be a little more painful, you won’t have to worry about unwanted strands of hair every time you hit the pool or the beach.





Like its mysterious namesake, the Bermuda Triangle will make your bikini area seem intriguing, as it leaves you with a clean, triangular patch of hair.


You can opt for a tiny triangle, often called Desert Island, or you can make it as large as you like.  


This style is often paired with French or Brazilian, combining some of the most popular styles.




The French style is another popular style where you’ll have only the top lasered off, leaving the area between your legs and up the back au naturel 


However, this style usually involves leaving some hair on top in a Landing Strip or Bermuda Triangle. 


It’s a comfortable balance between feeling groomed and keeping it tidy and trimmed. 




As its name implies, the Landing Strip style removes all your hair down there, although it leaves a vertical, rectangle patch on your skin. You can also pair this with a French or Brazilian style.



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Interestingly, waxing originated in ancient Egypt to achieve smooth skin for more extended periods, so it’s certainly not a recent fad!


When it comes to waxing, you can remove your bikini hair by applying warm wax to strip away your unwanted hair in your intimate area.


The wax-resin used must cool and harden first, before it is removed in one swift motion, forcefully ripping out your hair from its roots.


Unfortunately, getting your bikini area waxed can be excruciating, especially since you must go through endless sessions, since it only serves as a temporary solution to dealing with hair.


I can still feel the pain now, just thinking of those old days *shudder*


You can expect your hair to grow back to normal within 2-4 weeks.


Waxing often results in inflammation and soreness directly after treatment.


As the hairs grow back, there is no avoiding the irritating sensation of regrowth, together with ingrowing hairs that look unsightly and can cause infection and scarring.


With laser hair removal, it’s a permanent solution that tends to be more tolerable than getting waxed.


While you can still expect some discomfort, the sensation you feel is similar to being flicked by a rubber band.


The laser works by emitting pulses of highly concentrated light targeted into the base of the hair follicles.


The pigment in the follicles absorbs the light, which subsequently destroys the hair follicle’s root, preventing it from producing another hair.


The growing popularity of lasers means many people spend a lump sum on a course of treatments during pre-lockdown, only to find that their treatment plan of one session every four to six weeks is now on hold.


The good news is that this pause mid-treatment will not disrupt the hair removal journey.


The best advice is to continue shaving and avoid waxing, plucking, or tweezing, which will interfere with the results.



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Suppose you want to guarantee that the hair on your bikini line won’t grow back. In that case, it is essential to remain patient and commit to a series of sessions to get the best possible results.


On average, six sessions are needed, sometimes up to ten, depending on the individual. Of course, it will also depend on the type and quality of laser used for hair removal.


We recommend women undergo at least six sessions to ensure all hair is targeted during the active growth stage of the hair cycle.




bikini natural 


Waxing is more painful than laser, especially in the bikini area.


There are different bikini hair removal styles, and it’s a personal preference, as 505 of our clients opt for clean lines. In contrast, the other 50% opt for complete hair removal.


It’s worth searching in your local area to research the best laser hair removal clinics.


Ultimately, laser hair removal takes time, so don’t expect your beach body to be ready a month before your big holiday.


Plan and get booked in early, as you will need up to 6 sessions with a laser to work completely.


Many clinics offer Zoom consultations, and some tempting lockdown providers won’t be around once lockdown eases.


Perhaps it’s the year to ditch the razor for the laser and benefit from longer-lasting results, minor discomfort and improved skin quality?


Intimate laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to achieve long-lasting results in your bikini area.


Are you looking for the best laser hair removal in Rutland, UK, to prepare you for your summer vacation? Calveo specialises in laser hair removal and body contouring services for all. We use the latest Lumenis laser technology and equipment to provide you with excellent results.

We offer Zoom consultations.  

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