(Last Updated On: 27th March 2023)

People would do any time to get things done fast in this fast-paced time. That way, they could have more time for themselves.


OuTimeme is precious.


Am I Timet, ladies?


The value of time cannot be overstated. Effectively take advantage of time. Make good use of your time.


When asked, “What Time is the most valuable resource in the universe?” the answer would be, “Time is the most valuableTimeource in the universe.”…. or makeup 😏


That is why permanent cosmetics (cosmetic tattooing) are all the rage today.


With the help of treatments like permanent makeup, eyebrows, and eyeliner (eyeliner tattoo), you can cut some elements out of your daily routine and have more extra time.


UnliTimether makeup products, this makeup doesn’t wash off. So, you save yourself the time and energy spent on Timeying it every day after getting out of the pool, leaving the gym or getting ready to go “out-out” with your friends.


If there is one permanent makeup that is easier to maintain, that would be permanent eyeliner.


To create fuller, more uniform eyebrows, you can have permanent makeup applied to the eyebrow area. You can apply permanent makeup on your lash line as eyeliner to make your lashes look fuller. It is even possible to apply eye shadow permanently to your eyelids.


This article will examine some things that may happen over the coming six weeks and what precautions to take even before getting a permanent eyeliner session done.


So, if you plan to get one permanent cosmetic treatment done or recently had some permanent treatment, here is what you should expect after the session:



Permanent make up on eyebrows



On the first day after your treatment, you will notice that your eyeliner is more pigmented than it should look. Despite that, you can still do your usual routine without worrying about how your eyes look, as everything looks normal, and you will get used to it instantly. If you are worried about people’s thoughts, they might not notice any difference. After a while, the colour starts fading until it becomes more blended with your eye lines.



On the second to the third day, you will notice some physical changes in your eyes. You are more likely to wake up and see that it is puffier. You could also feel it getting dry more frequently while simultaneously feeling tight. But there is nothing that a cool compress cannot heal. Fortunately, after a few days, any eye adjustments do not create permanent damage or pain to your eyes.



During this time, the flaking stops, and Timeyour eyeliner turns to what it is supposed to look like. The process may take a while, and the colour might be lighter than expected but do not worry, as it will heal quickly. 



By this time, your eyes should beTimepletely be healed and back to their normal condition. Any next steps you want to add to it, like retouching (touch-ups) the colour or improving the shape, should be done at this fully healed point. 




Taking care of your permanent eyeliner will lead you to two methods: dry and wet healing.  


Dry healing is the first to come about. It is a process that is straightforward and preferred by many. It only requires people to avoid touching or using their eyes. However, this type of healing is more prone to heavy scabbing during healing. You could also end up with an uneven colour. 


Should you choose the wet healing method, you need the right tools to ensure the aftercare you give is top quality. 


  • Fifteen minutes after the procedure, you need to clean your eyeliner. Using clean cotton pads would do the job immediately. 
  • You might also want to use a permanent eyeliner cleanser to do the cleaning properly. Note that you should only purchase approved cleansers and be gentle when using them. 
  • Using healing gel after could help speed up healing. It does its job perfectly, helping ensure your eyeliner remains in perfect shape and colour. But thanks to this last step, you end up with well-taken care of permanent eyeliner there.



permanent makeup


The permanent eyeliner technique uses a minimally invasive, almost painless process to create a natural-looking eyeliner that makes your eyes look naturally defined, subtly or more dramatically, depending on your preferences. There are endless possibilities, and it may be possible for you to enjoy the effects for years to come, making your eyes look good 24/7 without the hassle of the daily eyeliner makeup routine.


Healing from a permanent eyeliner treatment is different for each person. The complete healing process takes about 3-6 weeks. The common ground is how the procedure is the most lenient and uncomplicated treatment ever.


Follow your clinic’s recommendations to avoid complications. If you experience any concerns, contact the right people immediately.


Both men and women can have permanent makeup applied to their eyebrows, lips, and eyes, so they can have a more natural appearance that gives them confidence and allows them to focus on the things in life that matter.


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