(Last Updated On: 27th March 2023)

When shops start swapping bikinis and sunscreen for coats and scarves, this is the perfect time to start thinking about how to start your laser hair removal journey.


Laser hair removal offers a long-term hair removal solution by permanently removing and reducing your body hair. Laser hair removal treatment is the most effective way to keep your skin smooth and silky long-term without maintaining it continually.


For many, never seeing another wax strip or picking up a razor is high on their wish list! Feeling how smooth and silky your skin can be without stubble rash, ingrowing hair, and irritation can be quite liberating.


If you’ve ever thought about the best time for a laser hair removal appointment, most people might say spring or summer so you’re hair-free throughout the heat. However, as desirable as that scenario can be, there are a few misconceptions about that notion.


The best time to schedule and begin laser hair removal would be during the autumn or winter season.


Are you not convinced?                                                                                


Here are three reasons why autumn and winter are the superior seasons for laser hair removal:



Tanned skin

Tanned skin is a big no-no for laser hair removal. The laser distinguishes the colour (pigment) within the hair follicle. Suppose there is increased pigment in the skin from sun exposure. In that case, it can increase the likelihood of a laser burn and sensitive skin. The skin should be as close to its natural colour as possible for the best possible results. This means no tanning products, either!


If you have recently been on holiday, it is always best to wait 3-4 weeks for any tan to settle before starting or recommending a course of laser hair removal.


In laser hair removal, we use a device that uses short pulses of heat from a laser to penetrate your skin and destroy your hair follicles. During laser hair removal, the pigments in your hair follicles absorb the laser energy, which inactivates the follicles and prevents them from producing hair. A laser can remove unwanted hair from your face, bikini line, legs, armpits, and anywhere else you have unwanted hair. The best results are obtained when the skin is paler and untanned, as laser hair removal works best for those with pale skin.


The results of laser hair removal treatments temporarily make you more sensitive to the sun. Another reason autumn and winter are good times to undergo laser hair removal is that the skin is more sensitive to the sun’s rays after each laser treatment.


At Calveo, we assess all clients at each treatment to ensure the skin is suitable for laser and full per treatment. Aftercare advice has been given to avoid clients turning up for laser, having just returned from a week in The Maldives!


So if you’re hoping to get the laser hair removal procedure done for your face, arms, and legs, hiding from the sun is necessary. It’s why spring and summer aren’t ideal for some clients to start the laser. Still, luckily, autumn usually means cloudy and cold weather. Not only can you steer clear of sunshine, but you’d also comfortably bundle up if the sun was out.



Winter laser hair removal

Laser hair removal requires several regular treatments to get the best hair-free results. Most of these treatments are scheduled four to six weeks apart, and your skin must still be protected from sun exposure during your treatment programme.


September or October in Autumn is the perfect time to start your treatment. Your regular appointments will fall into winter. Come the summer months; you will be hair free and ready to embrace the sunshine!


With even cloudier and colder weather, there’d be no need to worry about the sun’s heat or light while continuing your laser hair removal appointments. You can cover each stage of hair growth while keeping your skin nice and protected throughout the UK’s regular autumn and winter months.


Likewise, you’ll all be bundled up in jeans and sweaters during winter. You can allow your hair to grow out before shaving for 12 hours before your laser hair removal treatment. You can achieve safe, effective results if you shave right before your session. 



Summer hair free

You should probably start your laser hair removal treatment in autumn because you’re free of unwanted hair during other seasons. Just imagine being free of the stresses of arduous hair removal! Your hair removal treatment will end by the time autumn and winter end.


Generally, a treatment plan may take approximately six to eight sessions over several months. So, if you choose to begin laser hair removal treatment in the autumn or winter, you will have plenty of time to undergo a series of treatments before you become aware of the amazing results at the start of summer.


Therefore, if you want to wear a swimsuit in summer, remember to get the bikini area treated for months before heading to the pool or beach. You can have your face, arms, legs, back, and shoulders lasered, and the technology at Calveo’s clinic can treat even the finest hairs.



There you have it! The major advantages of having laser hair removal done during autumn and winter! If you need some convincing that laser hair removal is the right choice, you might also enjoy our article about three surprising benefits of laser hair removal service.


Laser hair removal can be prolonged, but autumn and winter are the most optimal times for treatment. You can still get an appointment all year round, but be mindful of the sun exposure and weather to protect and save your skin.


And if your mind is on your summer holiday and you want to be hair free and look superb in that new bikini, remember you will need 6-8 treatments. You’ll have a few weeks or more between laser hair removal sessions, so that’s 3-4 months in advance if you need to start your laser hair removal treatment for permanent results. So when you start in the winter, you have plenty of time to get laser hair removal treatments before it’s bikini weather again.


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