Dermaplaning has enjoyed significant media mileage in recent years, and for good reasons.

This facial exfoliation treatment is quick, non-invasive, and minimises the appearance of fine lines.

What’s not to love… Right?

Let us explain a bit more, and by the time you are finished reading this post, you will know what dermaplaning is and 6 ways it can help improve your skin.

Let’s talk about the benefits of dermaplaning then!

But first – 


The procedure of dermaplaning is actually an exfoliation process on the skin and uses a surgical steel scalpel to very lightly scrape the surface of the skin as the technician holds it tight and close.

Don’t worry; it is not as scary as it sounds.

According to fans of this facial treatment, it revitalises the skin by getting rid of dead skin cells and small facial hair generally called “peach fuzz” or others say “fuzzy hairs”.

After you undergo the procedure, you will find that your face will be smoother and since dead skin cells and peach fuzz will have been removed, leaving your skin looking fresh with fewer fine lines.

But if you’re on the fence about this facial procedure, and would like to learn more, here are six benefits that might convince you:



Benefits of dermaplaning



According to online medical publication Healthline, the reduction of facial hair and dead skin cells make patients’ faces visibly brighter even after the first treatment. Why? Because the top layer of our skin is exposed to harsh toxins and irritants every day. This is especially true if you ride public transport, or if your work exposes you to the sun. When your dermatologist sloughs off your damaged skin, it reveals the fresher, more youthful layer underneath.



Dermaplaning is suitable for most skin types, but most especially dry skin. You might experience some redness in your face, but that will be gone a day or two afterwards. Be sure to use a professional who is qualified and trained.



Dermaplaning is also a quick treatment, taking only 30 to 45 minutes, and is non-invasive. There are no prep time and recovery time from having dermaplaning, which means you can fit it into your schedule without compromising other commitments.



The days immediately following a dermaplaning treatment are the best time for your makeup. Because your practitioner removed dead skin cells from your face, it is smoother and much readily absorbs the makeup pigments. Foundation and powder will look smooth on your skin because you won’t have small lines or hairs making creases in it. Overall, a dermaplaning session boosts your confidence while maximises your makeup.



Another benefit of Dermaplaning is helping your facial skin cells to regrow and allows serums and moisturisers to seep into the skin. It helps patients with dry and uneven skin tones because the procedure gets rid of the cracked epidermis. This type of exfoliation can even take away some types of acne scars. What’s more, because your skin pores are unclogged, your skin can become less prone to acne breakouts.



If you’re the type whose face gets irritated from one session of dermabrasion, you might be better suited for a dermaplaning. Although it uses a scalpel to scrape skin cells, it is painless.


Dermaplaning treatment is also an excellent option for people with sensitive skin. If you are pregnant, a dermaplaning exfoliation is also a good option, because this procedure does not introduce chemicals in your skin.



Although there are many benefits to dermaplaning, there are also some things to look out for. Dermatologists do not recommend this procedure for patients with cystic acne, those with excessively oily skin, or people with hirsutism or excessive hair growth.

Results also vary according to how your skin reacts to exfoliation–what worked for your friend may not necessarily yield the same results for you. As with any skin procedure, it is best to consult a trained professional before signing up for this treatment.



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