(Last Updated On: 22nd October 2021)

Laser hair removal doesn’t sound like a manly, comfortable, or fulfilling experience for most men. After all, men have been living with the preconceived notion that manliness has a direct relationship with hair for so long!


Well, there’s no need to worry about removing your hair in various places, because getting your hair removed isn’t only liberating, but it has many benefits for comfort, confidence and performance!


When it comes to choosing what way to remove your hair, it can be puzzling, as there are many hair removal options to choose from.


From shaving and trimming. All the way to waxing sessions. Each method of removing your hair has its own pros and cons. But none has proven to be more effective than laser hair removal.


According to Men’s Fitness magazinelaser hair removal is the second-most popular, non-invasive, dermatological procedure for men after Botox.



James Bond Goldfinger Laser Scene

Sure, it may not sound as safe at first because of how synonymous lasers are in movies with bad guys. Like in Goldfinger when James Bond is strapped to the table. Gert Fröbe turns on a laser beam about to… well, you know where…

But it’s 2021, and lasers in particular, and our interest in using a laser for hair removal is more beneficial than you’d ever expect. It’s something even James Bond would have preferred to have done. This is a modern, clean and well-groomed man look.


Male hair free


Speaking of well-groomed, according to a Harris Interactive study, more than 90% of women between 18 and 44 found back hair a turn-off.

A guy’s back is an area most women say they would like to see hair-free, followed by a smooth bottom.

Laser hair removal back hair before and after


In terms of how laser hair removal works. It involves using a specific beam of light that bypasses the epidermis. This targets the hair follicle, and disables the strand’s reproductive cycle.


This results in an effective and thorough prevention of hair growth.


With the help of consistent laser hair removal sessions over 6-8 sessions. Every unwanted strand of the hair shaft eventually grows weak and limp, and completely dies. And it no longer grows like it once did. Leaving you smooth and virtually hair-free.



Male laser hair removal

As effective and safe as it is, the main problem with laser hair removal lies in its newness, as most men still know about the revolutionary treatment.


If you want to remove unwanted strands with laser hair removal, here’s everything you need to know beforehand:



Underarm laser hair removal

Depending on the area that needs to be dealt with, a laser hair removal session can last anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes. For instance, the back area can take up to 30 minutes to complete. While a pair of armpits will take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Thanks to the short duration of an average laser hair removal session, you won’t have to sacrifice an entire day or afternoon for the process!



Male shower before laser hair removal

Generally speaking, there are only three tips that you need to use to make your laser hair removal appointment as comfortable, quick, and effective as possible.


To make your consulting physician’s life much easier, here are a few preparation tips that you should follow before heading for a laser hair removal appointment:


  1. Shave the target area a day before: Laser hair removal treatments usually require a patient to shave off their hair in a target area beforehand. This allows the laser to reach the follicles. Instead of going through the agony and awkwardness of having someone shave the area for you. Save yourself some time and embarrassment by shaving/trimming two days or so before the session.
  2. Stay out of the sun as much as possible: Laser hair removal treatments work best with light skin and dark hair. You may want to avoid a trip to the beach or schedule a session during the winter instead for better results. Generally speaking, avoid tanning for at least 6 weeks before.
  3. Shower before your appointment: Wash the area you plan to have treated with warm water & soap. The aim is to remove any grime & oils that may affect the treatment. We also advise you not to wear any deodorants. Also, no aftershave locations. again, as this may affect the treatment.




The most common question men have about laser hair removal is about the level of pain. Thanks to new technology, treatment sessions aren’t as painful.


For most people, the average laser hair removal session is no more painful than a pinprick or rubber band snap. So there’s not much to worry about.


Trust us guys, what would you prefer… a rubber band snap or the raw pain of waxing?



Cycling hair free

There are direct links between sports performance and hair. This is especially true when it comes to swimming, cycling and bodybuilding. Body hair does create drag compared to smooth skin, which helps increase speed.


Specialized, the US bike company, calculated in the wind tunnel tests that you could save around 70 seconds on average over 24 miles (40km) by having hair-free legs.


So for all you fans of Egan Bernal, Chris Froome and Geraint Thomas, having hair-free legs can help you win a few extra Strava segments.

Whether you want to remove unwanted hair for performance or after a cleaner look. Then there’s no denying that laser hair removal is a treatment for you!

If you’re about to schedule your first laser hair removal session, use this article as a guide!


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