Yes, Laser hair removal is safe during COVID-19, but there have been many changes.

As a small business and laser hair clinic, we are guided by the Government and supported by the British Medical Laser Association.

Here are some of the changes:



The advice given is that all client patients should wear surgical masks (or similar) when in the clinic. Cloth face coverings, even homemade masks made of the correct material, are effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19 – for the wearer and those around them according to Professor Melinda Mills, Director of the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science at Oxford University.

To protect our staff and each other we now ask clients to wear a mask on arrival if you can.

Is laser hair removal safe during COVID-19

One of our customers.

Here’s the lovely Harriet. And she left us this review.

Wow! I’ve recently started laser hair removal on my legs with Lorna at Calveo, and my experience so far has been fantastic! The clinic is beautifully presented, clean and very professional – you know you’ve come to a 5* clinic as soon as you arrive! Straight off the bat, I was made to feel comfortable and in safe hands as Lorna explained the whole process of laser hair removal and the science behind it. The service is so friendly and attentive- the whole experience is something that cannot be replicated. If you’re looking for the right clinic to start laser hair removal, look no further! I travel an hour to come here and wouldn’t go anywhere else – simply the best! Also, Lorna and Calveo get bonus points for the COVID-19 process in place, I felt so safe, and the cleaning process between clients is outstanding! My mask even matched the eye protection goggles!!

The feedback is very much appreciated Harriet, and we are so glad you love the clinic!

To help get feedback from customers, we’ve implemented customer feedback system. At the time of writing this blog, we haven’t scored lower than 5 out of 5!

Customer reviews for CALVEO

See website for more customer reviews.



PPE for laser hair removal

All laser operators such as myself should wear a mask during treatments, preferably with face shields. The evidence for wearing face masks is clear.



azo wipes and spray


All equipment in the clinic and work surfaces should be decontaminated between procedures.

As an employer, we must protect people from harm. This includes taking reasonable steps to protect our workers and others from coronavirus (COVID-19). Keeping our clinic clean and frequent hand washing reduces the potential for coronavirus to spread.

We use high-grade disinfectant and are introducing more frequent and thorough cleaning in our clinic. This is a critical part of making and keeping our business ‘COVID-secure’ for our clients.

Patients are encouraged to disinfect hands with 60% to 70% isopropyl alcohol.



Adequate air ventilation ought to be used to clean the air between patients.

The reason for air ventilation is due to laser plume.

Much of the media attention has correctly focused on the possibility of direct and indirect transmission via for example contaminated hands, with Government public health messages focusing on the importance of washing hands thoroughly and often, and of greeting others without shaking hands.

There is less attention on aerosol transmission, but studies are underway to examine as to what extent aerosols could be a potential role of transmission. 

Aerosols are liquid and solid particles suspended in the air. Different lasers used in aesthetic, dental and medical do differ and give off more smoke.

Such as lasers used for warts, or high-power lasers (HPLs) used to perform soft tissue surgery and dental procedures such as caries removal, root decontamination, and bone surgery.

These high-power lasers (HPLs) can give off smoke particles, which could include airborne contaminants, which is why air ventilation is used.

For hair removal, we use a Diode Laser which targets specific chromophores in the skin, usually melanin or blood. The lasers damage the chromophores by selectively heating them while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. This prevents hair from regrowing.

There is currently no data on the possible presence of the virus COVID‐19 on hair shafts. 

As a business, there are many more safety protocols and changes we have had to put in place. Still, we are pleased this hasn’t affected clients wanting to book in again.



Depending on the size of the hair removal clinic you choose or are already having treatment, laser treatment patients should be socially distancing to at least 1 to 2 m apart from one another and the staff behind the reception desk. The only exception for this might be during your time of receiving the laser hair removal treatment with the physician or therapist.

We now operate a strict one in, one out policy at Calveo with sanitisation between clients and full PPE and scrubs in place.

We do have a waiting room and share our facilities with our partners Rutland Aesthetics who work in the building alongside us.

So, to help social distancing, we wouldn’t have more than one client in the waiting room.


CALVEO waiting room



Like a lot of businesses, you might visit at present, such as your local pub or eatery, especially during the brilliant Eat Out to Help Out campaign, we all became used to leaving our contact details. 

To properly trace customers in case of any suspicion, anyone who enters the clinic should leave their full contact details. Staff must check on the full address and phone details and ensure details are updated and appropriate.

It is also advisable for those having laser sessions show up in person and avoid bringing any companions. 

Like most laser hair removal clinics, we operate a booking system, which includes contact details of all our customers, past and present.



After months of Lockdown and limitations, we are all adjusting and adapting to the ‘new normal’.

The ‘new normal’, of social distancing, mask-wearing, and restrictions – both in a personal environment with family & friends, places we usually go, and in the workplace.

Here at Calveo, we are open again after a long period closed.

Due to Government restrictions on small beauty, businesses like ours, where we must be in proximity with our clients, in particular, their faces have had even longer time closed, unlike many other businesses.

It’s now October, and two months have passed by since we opened the doors once more.

Our hygiene standards have always been high with all appointments made by prior booking. By looking at some of the other clinics, they generally now all insist that everyone needs to have an appointment to be able to come into their clinics.

It’s a significant effort, and the feedback from our clients is that they feel safe and relaxed coming in for treatments.

There is an overwhelming sense that our clients have been eager to feel normal again and regain control over their beauty regimes.

We’re busy!

And clients that had started 1 of their eight-hair reduction treatment were first on the call list to be rebooked.

Most of them were calling us as soon as the announcement that we could open again.

And now the word is out about Calveo.

We’re gaining new clients every week. I think Lockdown has created stress and anxiety for many. Subsequently, clients are telling us how eager they are to be hair-free for 2021, and hopefully, catch some sun on holiday.

Let’s hope so!

You deserve it.

Am I right?

Well, it’s not just been us that has seen a massive increase in new customers.

The beauty industry has seen a massive surge in demand for all treatments. Including laser hair removal, permanent cosmetics like Microblading, aesthetic clinics, hair salons are back in business again, beauty salons, nail bars and tattoo studios.

Millie Kendall MBE, British Beauty Council, said:

The decision to broaden the scope of available hair and beauty services will allow many more beauty professionals to get back to work. It will also enable customers to benefit from a range of beauty treatments which can be carried out safely for both client and practitioner. It’s a positive step, but we are still only part of the way there. We will keep working closely with governing bodies and supporting everyone in beauty until we can achieve the fully reinvigorated beauty industry, we all want.



As a laser hair clinic owner, being shut for four months and having constant uncertainty, managing client demand has posed a new raft of challenges. Not just for me, but many other small business owners.

During the Lockdown, we were wondering how clients might feel coming out of Lockdown?

Will clients feel safe? And would they feel worried and anxious? Or decide that after months of going without any hair removal, that they can no longer feel the need to remove hair?

We opened again in July, after months of being closed, YIPPEE…

But sadly, it didn’t last long, and the British Government made a new announcement.

Early August the Government announced that all facial treatments were to be further postponed until at least the 15th August.

This directly affected us. We, unfortunately, needed to delay all facial laser for the next two weeks.

Thankfully, we have lovely clients who understand, and we thank them for their patience in those trying times. 😀😷



Laser hair removal on chin

It quickly became evident after the Government announced that the beauty industry could finally reopen and that we needn’t have worried!

Clients have come back and have been keener than ever to feel good and rid themselves of unwanted hair.

Lockdown appears to have focused on people’s minds and enabled them to take the time to research and consider more permanent forms of hair removal. Removing hair, yourself at home isn’t the same as a having hair removed professionally. Whilst laser hair removal initially may sound like a large investment.

Laser hair removal works out, saving you money in the long term. Laser hair removal costs explained.

An average full bikini wax cost around £40, which equates to £480 a year based on one monthly wax.

A course of six laser hair removal treatments for a full bikini also costs £480, so within 12 months it’s paid for itself!

And it keeps getting better because laser offers permanent hair reduction, smoother skin and no more painful waxing.


Our clients are telling us that after years of waxing and plucking in growing hairs, Lockdown became the catalyst for them to research online for permanent hair removal solutions and take the time to find the best laser hair removal clinics near them.



We were lucky enough to get a 360 virtual tour done of the clinic at the start of the year, so although we have been closed over the summer, people visiting our website, we’re able to take a virtual tour of the clinic and see for themselves what a beautiful laser hair removal clinic we have at the King Centre, in Barleythorpe, near Oakham.

Here at Calveo, we have worked exceptionally hard to instigate safe COVID-19 protocols with many weeks of clinic preparation before reopening our doors.

Our primary focus is to keep everyone safe.

Subsequently, many changes needed to be implemented to create a safe working environment for everyone.

Let’s stay safe together!



Many of our existing clients who were forced to postpone their laser hair removal courses following Lockdown have been asking if the gap left between treatments will affect their results.

The good news is no. Even if you’ve only had one or two sessions, the excellent work of our top-of-the-range, medical-grade Lumenis hair lasers have NOT been wasted.

The time over Lockdown without laser treatment. Doesn’t affect the results or requires the need for any more sessions.

For reassurance, we spoke to laser manufacturer Lumenis, and their official statement stated:

“Treatment intervals provided in our guidelines are minimum waiting times, and there is no maximum threshold. On the contrary, it has been proven that the more one waits in Laser Hair Removal, the better the long-term outcomes. The hair growth cycles per area can already be very long. The denatured cells at the bulge and bulb levels that would have been affected in a previous session remain denatured.”

COVID coronavirus and Lockdown have made us all take a break from any regular laser hair removal treatments. Still, there may be other times in life when you need to pause sessions – Clients that get pregnant, for example. But you can re-start your hair reduction sessions after the baby is born and carry on with your hair reduction treatment.




In the clinic, we see an overwhelming demand for bikini laser hair removal.

With many people choosing not to travel abroad this year, clients are opting to start a bikini laser to be bikini ready in 2021.

Autumn and winter are a fantastic time to start laser hair removal, as the risk of sun exposure is far less. So, by Spring 2021, you will have achieved 90-95% permanent hair reduction.

A course of 6- 8 sessions is recommended for the bikini area, resulting in a smooth bikini with no stubble, in growing hairs or irritation.

Great news for bikini holidays, sports, swimming and general wellbeing!

Another treatment, which we have seen a surge in following lockdown easing is facial laser hair removal.

One in every two clients walking through Calveo’s doors come in for facial hair laser on the top lip, chin and neck areas.

The Lumenis Light Sheer laser we use in clinic achieves superb results. It has an inbuilt cooling tip, which keeps facial treatments comfortable, and the treatment is quick. With many of our clients suffering from PCOS, (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), unwanted facial hair is an unwelcome visitor.

To help matters, we offer bespoke treatment plans for PCOS clients.

Also, a 20% discount as for some clients, as maintenance treatments are an ongoing need to keep on top of PCOS hair growth.



More than ever, we have all been reminded that no one can see what is around the corner and how vital self-care is during these testing and turbulent times.

We’ve implemented all guidelines that have been asked of us, which, in turn, is to keep us all safe from this deadly virus.

So, is laser hair removal safe during COVID-19? Yes, because your local clinic should be taking all the advice given to them to put in place safety protocols not only to keep themselves safe but that of their clients.

We would advise you to call your clinic if you are unsure and gain reassurance from them. If you don’t feel safe, then maybe that laser clinic isn’t one of the best ones. It’s not just your skin you will want them to look after…

What we have learnt is that investing in yourself and making yourself happy is not an indulgence or selfish, but indeed a step towards the wellbeing and a positive mental attitude.

We’re not in Lockdown anymore, and it’s time to be optimistic.

And whilst laser hair removal may not be the most crucial thing in the world, it’s a great place to start!


CALVEO are hair removal treatment specialists based in Rutland, UK. We have clients who are happy to travel over 1 hour because they trust us with their skin. Clients can arrange a free consultation and speak to me. We offer full-body treatments for both men and women, and we can tailor our plans to fit your needs. Book a laser treatment with us today to see the CALVEO difference.