(Last Updated On: 27th March 2023)

Permanent hair removal can help save you time and hassle in the long run.  


If you’re fed up with temporary solutions like shaving, tweezing or waxing, then permanent hair removal might be the right choice. 


There are several permanent hair removal methods, so research to find the best one. 


For permanent hair removal, there are two main options: 

  • Laser hair removal 

  • Electrolysis 


Here, our experts compare these two hair removal methods, so you can make the right decision about which one is suitable for you: 


Here are some quick facts about laser hair removal and electrolysis:


  • Laser hair removal is a light-based technology that delivers heat into the hair follicle to destroy it. 

  • Electric current is sent through a probe inserted into the hair follicle during electrolysis. 

  • There are advantages and disadvantages to both laser therapy and electrolysis. 



Laser hair removal is a modern cosmetic procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light to remove unwanted hair. The pigment quickly absorbs the light in the hair strands, damaging the follicle and preventing future growth. 


Laser hair removal can effectively remove hair from small areas, such as the upper lip or chin, or large areas, such as the back, chest, or legs. It can also remove hair from more sensitive areas, such as the bikini line. 


A qualified laser therapist usually performs the procedure. It can be done in a doctor’s office, a spa, or a specialist laser hair removal clinic like ours. 


Laser hair removal is regarded as safe and effective. However, some risks exist, such as skin irritation, burns, and pigmentation changes. But these are rare when you choose the best laser clinic. These risks are typically temporary and can be treated with over-the-counter medications. 


If you are considering laser hair removal, it is essential to consult with a board-certified specialist like Calveo to discuss your hair reduction goals and expectations. 


Laser hair removal has many advantages. 

Laser hair removal has the following benefits: 


  • Laser treatments aim to reduce hair in 6-8 monthly treatments permanently. 

  • A laser pulse takes just milliseconds and treats several hairs simultaneously so that small areas can be treated in just a few minutes. 

  • All skin types can be treated effectively and safely. 

  • Cooling technology is incorporated into medical-grade diode lasers to keep clients comfortable during treatments. 



This removal procedure removes unwanted hair by passing an electrical current through the shaft. This process damages hair follicles, preventing hair growth. 


The most common electrolysis method uses a needle to deliver electrical current. The needle is inserted into hair follicles, passing a current through the needle to the follicle. This process is called galvanic electrolysis. 


Electrolysis hair removal can remove hair from any body part. It is most commonly used to remove hair from the face, bikini line, and underarms. 


Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method. However, it could take a few sessions to achieve the desired results. The number of sessions needed depends on the amount of hair to be removed, the type of hair, and the individual’s response to treatment.


Electrolysis’s advantages 

Electrolysis has some advantages: 


  • Electrolysis works on people of all skin types, colours, and hair types. Any body area – including eyebrows – can be treated with electrolysis. 

  • Immediately following the procedure, people can resume daily activities. 

  • After hair is removed, there is no need to schedule electrolysis sessions every year. 

  • Electrolysis does not expose skin to harsh chemicals during electrolysis. 



Electrolysis and laser hair removal kits are widely available, cheaper, and more convenient than in-clinic appointments. However, we advise you to speak to a trained specialist who will design a treatment plan that meets your needs and uses safe, high-quality equipment for the best results and safety. 


At-home laser hair treatment might seem appealing due to its low cost, but it is not suitable for finer hair and can take many treatments to achieve a result. 

Hand-held devices aren’t as powerful as clinical devices, so that they won’t be as effective, especially in larger areas. 



It depends on your individual needs and preferences.  


Electrolysis stings with every hair it removes, making it more painful. Laser treatment produces only a slight tingling or stinging sensation. There is also a relationship between pain and the size of the treated area. 


Since laser hair removal targets a large area, it is faster than electrolysis, which targets one hair at a time. 


Electrolysis may be an option if you’re searching for a permanent solution. The laser can also reduce hair permanently. When performed correctly, both procedures can be effective. 


Laser hair removal has been shown to be almost permanent. 


Laser hair removal may be better if you want a faster, less painful solution for larger areas. 


Ultimately, the best permanent hair removal method for you is the one you’re most comfortable with and feel will give you the best results.



Laser hair removal and electrolysis are effective methods of permanently removing unwanted hair. To determine the best option for you, consult an expert in permanent hair removal in the UK. 


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